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Osteopathy is an alternative medicine system it uses manual and physical movements to stimulate and restore good health. It is a holistic approach to the person (body and mind) and dates back to the 19th century.

Your whole body can benefit from these precise, painless, and relaxing treatments. Numerous body ailments can be relieved.

Using comfortable and effective pressure, osteopathy can help people of all ages, no matter how active or sedentary they may be. Adults, children, athletes, artists, business people, and anyone desiring to achieve a more balanced, rested, and a healthier lifestyle can benefit from osteopathy.

Osteopathy relieves Muscle and joint pain
Digestion system imbalances
Diarrhoea, constipation, but also spasms and burns.
Irregular or painful menstruation
Ear Nose and Throat ailments
Such as tinnitus, ear infections, or chronic sinusitis
TMJ problems
Chewing difficulties, osteopathy treatments are also a good complement to orthodontic treatments Stress management
via touch for particularly-stressful life events. Relaxation techniques offered include
Myofascial Release, Korean relaxation techniques, the Camilli method, and other deeper massage techniques. BACK

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